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DEP0700 : Registration of the app failed. Rejecting a request to register from because the files are on a network share.

I wanted to run my app an my VM, but got the above error…

A quick search on google lead me to this thread on DevCenter:

The answer there is spot on!

I chose option 1, setting my debug option to Remote and setting by Debug option to localhost. Works like a charm! Thanks Gearard Boland for providing us with the answer!

Happy coding!


PS. Malavikas comment made me create this image:

Installing Win8 in VHD for use with Virtualbox using install.WIM

I found this wonderful solution for installing Windows 8 on a VHD for dual-boot using the imagex tool. You can read about it here:

Problem I experienced now was that I needed a VitualBox Windows 8 machine and there it did not work. I got the message ‘BOOT FAILURE’ after trying to start up that installation.

I ended up using WIM2VHD with the /HyperV switch to prep the VHD for Hyper-V. Then I created a new VirtualBox machine with the vhd. I removed the SATA controller entirely and added new IDE harddisk using the vhd.

And now I am running Windows 8 in VirtualBox!


Happy coding!