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In the Pocket – Using DiffBot

In order to be able to read content offline, I decided to implement DiffBot rather than apply for use of the Article View API of Pocket itself.

DiffBot is just awesome. It is so accurate in picking the main content. Pocket Article View API is sometimes just plain wrong. Look at Udi Dahans blog for example:

This is what Pocket makes of it:

That is not the main content at all, it is the sidebar! DiffBot however, is absolutely spot on:

Basically this is because DiffBot approaches the webpages visually. It ‘looks’ at pages the way humans do.

And they have more than just the article API! Learn more on how DiffBot works and what it can do for you:

And DiffBot is also really easy to implement: just check out the API documentation here. You can also take it for a spin there!

Happy coding!