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Unable to launch the ASP.NET Development Server because port ‘n’ is in use.

I had a problem today. My ASP.NET Development server wouldn’t start because the specified port was already in use. The port number was 50678, so it wasn’t very likely that it actually was in use. But I decided to check anyway. But as expected ‘netstat –a’ gave me no results for port 50678.

Restarting VS or my PC didn’t help….

It had to be some sort of firewall issue then. So I turned of Windows Firewall, but that didn’t help at all. Weird stuff.

Some searching on the net brought me to the following question and the answer from Macros:

And (mostly for my own reference) here’s the management summary:

  • the cause: NOD32 is blocking the ASP.NET Development Server.
  • the solution: configure NOD32 to no longer see VS as a web browser. (setup -> advanced firewall setup -> antivirus & anti spyware -> web access protection -> HTTP –> webbrowsers)


Hope it helps you as well…