More sweetness…

By Dries Marckmann

I already blogged about ‘OctopusDeploy &TestComplete sweetness!’ and now I ‘d like to add a little more…

First, since we bought a TestComplete Enterprise license we were able to run TestExecute on multiple machines and thus add more servers that could execute tests.

Second, I could see problems coming our way if we we were to keep our test scripts outside of source control or outside the branch.We would run the risk that we’d change the system in such a way that the tests would no longer be correct. I spend some time today on mitigating that problem. Here’s what I did:

  • I wrapped the TestComplete project inside a class library
  • added a deploy.ps1 that does the magic of starting TextExecute
  • set all files to ‘Content & Do not copy’
  • created a package with _PublishedApplications and Octopack
  • set up a server in the environment in the role ‘TestComplete’
  • added a step to the octopus project to deploy the TestComplete package to that server.


Seriously, this setup is starting making me happier every day!

BTW: still bothered by the SMS that is send with every test run…

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