In the Pocket – Users

By Dries Marckmann
February 23, 2013

I got a mail today, from a user … yes, really… A real user! He likes my app. And I like him for using it! I aim to please.

He had 2 feature requests. I love that sort of thing. Yesterday I didn’t really know what to do when sitting behind my pc. I wanted to continue working on In the Pocket, but I lacked a sense of purpose. And now I have no less than 2 features to build.

After nearly 100 downloads, I decided to create a uservoice site for In the Pocket. Dennis ( suggested it. This was just what I needed, a way to know what to do next!

So if you have a suggestion for In the Pocket: please register it at or go there to vote for the next features to build.

If you found a bug or have some other issue with it, send an email to

Now that I know what to do, let’s get back to some happy coding!

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