Status update for In the Pocket

By Dries Marckmann
February 21, 2013

I am still working on my app In the Pocket, but my focus is now on getting my paid version out.

The paid version of In The Pocket (release 1) will add the following features to In The Pocket Free:

  • Being able to save articles locally (implemented using DiffBot service)
  • Queuing added items even when you have no internet
  • Marking items as read even when you have no internet
  • Being able to mark many items as read from the main screen
  • Being able to read items that have been archived (Marked as read)

You may wander, why I want to have all these offline features. The reason is simple and I will explain below.

Although the moments are scarce, we are still not always connected to the internet with our tablet or laptop. When we are on the move, we have a phone that is still connected, our other devices are usually not. You can set up Connection sharing to have a wifi connection always, but your data plan would have to be a big one and your bill will be huge. For most people this is not an option.

So better to plan for an ‘occasionally connected’ application, but that means you will have to have all the features available that you would have when you are online.

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