Windows 8 –Live tiles

By Dries Marckmann
January 22, 2013

My friend Pascal ( is also working on a windows 8 application. He was having trouble with getting the Live tiles to work so I volunteered to find out how to cycle to a couple of tiles and keep cycling between them.

Well, it’s surprisingly simple… Here’s the code that I wrote in the constructor of the App:

//I installed the following nuget package:

//This will give you access to the Templates without having to go through the xml…


//Add to Tiles

var x1 = TileContentFactory.CreateTileSquareText01();

x1.TextHeading.Text = “Text 1”;

var x2 = TileContentFactory.CreateTileSquareText01();

x2.TextHeading.Text = “Text 2”;


//Make ScheduledTileNotifications out of them with a due date of 10 and 20 seconds from now…

ScheduledTileNotification n1 = new

x1.GetXml(), new

ScheduledTileNotification n2 = new

x2.GetXml(), new


//Initialize the TileUpdater

var m = TileUpdateManager.CreateTileUpdaterForApplication();


//Enable Queuing (this is what makes it cycle….)



//Add the ScheduledTileNotifications to the schedule…




The tile is now cycling through these 2 notifications…

Happy coding, pazzie!

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