Sudden Application pool shutdown / 503 service unavailable

Today I suddenly had our web-site shutting down on us. It gave me a  Http Error 503 while it all worked fine a minute earlier.

Service unavailable

I checked IIS (IIS7 in our case) and I saw the Application pool had shut down. We couldn’t understand how the application pool could just shutdown. This could potentially shutdown hundreds of sites in one go.

Apparently there is an option in IIS that will shutdown an application pool after 5 errors within 5 minutes, called Rapid-Fail Protection.


Disable this feature and your application pool will keep on running.

Investigating Smart Client Software Factory Part 1

Investigating Smart Client Software Factory Part 1

At work we are currently developing a new tool to configure our webapplication. The data is contained in a SqlExpress database and is accessed using Linq2Sql. We are going to implement MVC in the website so it seems a good idea to implement a Model View Presenter pattern in the Config tool.

Installation Experience

I had to do 2 installations: One at work and one on my laptop to test it.
At work I run XP Pro and all went just fine with that. Just a matter of running installers for the Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX), the Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT) and the Smart Client Software Factory – April 2008 (SCSF). And that was it…

On my laptop however, it did not go so great. I ran the GAX self-extracter and the GAT and SCSF msi’s, but to no avail. I could not find the Guidance automation manager in tools menu of VS and no Guidance Automation project types in the Project template list.

The solution seemed simple: reinstall everything. But the remove option of GAX gave me the message: ‘This installer requires Visual Studio which is not present on the computer. Please install it and try again’

I found a post by malcolm.ellis here and that pointed me in the right direction. I ran the self-extracter with elevated mode and than it did finish the uninstall.

After that I decided to not take any chances and ran all the installers in elevated mode. And finally it finished en look and behold: the menu-items and the project types appear as they should.


Hello World Application

As starting of without any knowledge of what to do didn’t really work out. I followed the very usefull Hello World example which can be found on CodePlex.

But as I always say: it isn’t fun if it isn’t usefull! So soon I will extend and refactor the Hello World App to a somewhat more usefull School Admin System for my wife.